5 Great Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom!

5 Great Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom!

One comment that friends say to me when we are talking about their home is – “We’re thinking of renovating, but we’re not sure where to start.” My answer to this is almost always the same – “start with the kitchen and bathroom.” Below I have listed the three key reasons why I say this time and time again.

Reason #1 – Space

Or rather a lack of space in a bathroom is usually the number 1 reason our clients decide to upgrade and rebuild. Perhaps due to a growing family, more space is needed to accommodate extra family members, or on the other hand, the children may have grown out of using a bath, or maybe you don’t have kids at all and don’t need a bath in the house.

in some cases a very dated bathroom can be poky and small even for one person to use. Having enough room just to lift your arms and rub the shampoo into your hair, is a luxury some do not have, due to their undersized shower.

Reason #2 – Water Damage

Water damage is probably the most common reason for bathrooms NEEDING to be renovated, but many do not see the symptoms of water damage until its too late. Many years ago, the methods of bathroom construction lacked the necessary systems to contain water proficiently. Whilst some bathrooms have lasted relatively well with many years of use, the vast majority of bathrooms built before the 1980’s have inadequate waterproofing, and in most cases leaks are already present.

Water damage is not just simply things getting wet when they should not. The damage from water leaks can be quite severe. Water can cause three major issues, all of which can be terrible for your health and those of your family.

Firstly, Mould is a type of fungi that lives on plant and animal matter. Mould grows best in damp and poorly ventilated areas, and reproduces by making spores. It is known to cause serious respiratory diseases and illnesses, and in rare cases has been known to cause comas and even death. Sounds dramatic, and that’s because it is.

QLD Health states “for some people, such as those with a true allergy to mould, asthma or lung disease, elderly people or people with chronic diseases like diabetes or people with low immunity, such as people on cancer chemotherapy, exposure to mould may cause them to develop health problems.”

Second, Rot or timber decay, does not sound all that serious compared to mould, but it can be a real issue in your bathroom, especially if your bathroom is constructed on timber floors. The decay of timber can give way to the weight associated with a bathroom floor, and cause serious harm. The last thing you would want is to fall through the floor of your shower.

I recently watched a video posted on social media, showing some of the decay that can occur under a bathroom floor and it was surprising even to me, who deals with these type of issues often, the extent of damage caused to one particular home in Sydney.

Thirdly, Termites. White ants. Coptotermes formosanus . Little buggers who ate my neighbours deck. Whatever you want to call them, we all know these pests can do some serious damage to your home. They love damp timber and a leaking bathroom is like a smorgasbord to these little critters. Unfortunately though they won’t stop there. Termites have been known to decimate homes, that are not regularly checked. This is obviously a sound reason to ensure your home does not have any leaks, such as in your bathroom.

Reason #3 – Increase the value of your home.

A huge benefit to updating your bathroom is increasing the resale value of your home. Brisbane is one of the fastest rising markets for old homes compared to other areas of Queensland and other states. With a rising market, buyers are looking for great value in their purchase of a home, so having an outdated bathroom or kitchen could decrease your properties worth. Whilst, renovating to sell can be tricky it is often the quickest way to increase your resale value, and is possible without overcapitalising.

A new bathroom not only allows you to enjoy your bathroom now, but it also works as a great investment, no matter when you decide to sell your home. As homes with a renovated bathroom attract higher purchase prices than homes with older, worn out bathrooms.

Reason #4 – Add modern functionality

The technology of bathroom items has soared in recent years, with an ever increasing focus on usability and function, sometimes above form or looks. Items such as Heated towel rails, Smart showers and Smart toilets, are becoming more and more popular as the price of these fixtures become more affordable. Some of the more simple innovations such as back to wall, and rimless toilets, help to keep bathrooms clean and germ free.

Reason #5 – Update the look and style of your bathroom.

If, like many of our clients and my wife, you’ve grown tired of looking at a dated and weary bathroom colour palette. Or the patterns on the tiles drive you crazy and your ready to see them go. The shower door leaks and is sticking. The drawers don’t work. Maybe you’ve visited your local tile or fixtures store, and found something you would just love to have. Whatever the reason, its time to update. When it comes to styles, the choices are almost endless, and the look can be as unique as you can imagine. So it’s important to get the right advice from the right people, especially if you have no design background. But even with help it is possible to come up with a great design and aesthetic, so have some fun with colours and styles. You never know, you may find something new that no one has thought of.

At Sivart Constructions, we can help you with your bathroom renovations from design and layout, through to selections and completion. Visit our contact page or give us a call at (07)3393 3484 and we can help make your bathroom safe and functional again.