Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations – Three reasons why so many people around Brisbane are renovating

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations – Three reasons why so many people around Brisbane are renovating

One comment that friends say to me when we are talking about their home is – “We’re thinking of renovating, but we’re not sure where to start.” My answer to this is almost always the same – “start with the kitchen and bathroom.” Below I have listed the three key reasons why I say this time and time again.

Reason #1 – A renovated kitchen and bathroom can transform your entire home

It is absolutely true that a renovation to both of these rooms can transform the entire house. I say this because there are two key elements in these rooms that can really modernise these spaces; features and layout.

The features of kitchens and bathrooms are what really makes them stand out. Upgrading features such as tap-ware, tiling, cupboards, vanities and benches instantly make a difference. They bring the room into the modern age and are the first things that you notice in the before and after photos when the renovation is complete.

The layout is the other element that can really transform these spaces. Over the decades, how we live can change dramatically and the design of a kitchen and bathroom should reflect this. Some common layout or design changes that are completed around Brisbane are: A kitchen opening out to deck or patio and a bath/shower combination becoming a separate bath and shower.

If you’re seeking to do a renovation that will make a big difference – these are the areas of the house to focus on.

Reason #2 – Renovated kitchens and bathrooms are key to increasing the value of your home

Not only are kitchens and bathrooms two of the most used rooms in a house, they also hold significant weight into the overall value of your home.

Newly renovated kitchens and bathrooms can dramatically increase the value of your home. A recent domain article suggests that a kitchen renovation sometimes sees the increase in value being as much as five to six times the cost of the project. So not only does a renovation provide you with a transformed space to enjoy every day, it will typically bring you capital growth when it eventually comes time to sell.

With house prices in Brisbane continually on the rise, it’s an investment into your greatest asset that you can enjoy now.

Reason #3 – The surprise reason, renovations can do wonders for your own well-being

One of the most satisfying parts of a house renovation is looking at the before and after photos at the end of the project. As you scroll or swipe between photos, the aesthetic changes are obvious and what you see fills you with delight.

As wonderful as those moments are, the part that gives a builder even more joy is to hear that continued sense of satisfaction in the weeks, months and years after the project is finished. Hearing our clients speak with delight about how the renovation makes them feel each day is as fulfilling as the job can get. It’s almost part of the process that you don’t expect, but it does make sense as these rooms are central to how each family takes care of themselves.

The kitchen is an area for family, friends and loved ones and can strengthen bonds over delicious food made with love. On the other hand, you can take care of yourself in the comforts of your bathroom, not just physically but emotionally as well. Who doesn’t feel relaxed after taking a cool shower or soaking in the tub after a stressful work day?

Even when you don’t have the best day, coming home to a new kitchen or bathroom can still bring a smile to your face for a long time.

Get the kitchen and bathroom renovation that you have always wanted

Renovations are an opportunity to plan and get the renovation that you have always wanted. Because kitchens and renovations are typically unique in their size and layout an experienced builder is the surest way to get the result that you’re seeking.

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